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About US

Dadaş Metal has reached to the market based on long years in the iron and steel industry and adding strength to its power with the contributions of industrial experience. Dadaş Metal, which has reached a prestigious position in the steel construction sector with its increasing volume of business over the years and growing power, modern technology and expert staff, the principle of providing the best service to its customers. Dadaş Metal is carrying forward its investments in the iron and steel sector with every passing day. While continuing to grow in the iron and steel sector, it continues to serve its valuable customers with modern technology and installed machines as well as a large inventory of fans and experienced staff.



Dadaş Metal has been operating in the iron and steel sector from 1982 to the present day.

Our company is made multi-storey steel with increased experience, bridges, viaducts, warehouses, sports halls, housing, airports, stadiums, shopping centers, performing the construction of schools and a variety of sustainable and flexible framework, Turkey contributes to the development and industrialization work.

The quality of products and services start with the quality of the employees. Attracting and recruiting the best staffed and adult human power to our company is a way that Dadaş Metal chooses to ensure the continuity of generations to increase and increase their capacity to provide maximum benefit from our talents, strength and creativity and to create a work environment where cooperation and solidarity are green. />
It is Dadaş Metal's policy to provide quality products and services that meet the changing and developing needs and expectations of its customers and to make their lives better. When providing products / services to customers, it carries out its activities in accordance with laws and regulations.

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What We Did

Multi-storey steel structures, industrial facilities, logistics warehouses, steel bridges, hotels, airplane hangars, airports, sports halls, shopping centers, stadiums, villas, imallation and installation works

Dadaş Metal aims to add value to its employees and collectors with its quality and innovative projects it undertakes even in challenging and volatile market conditions.


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